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Reading Wednesday – Delicious Food

Delicious Food by James Hannaham ⭐️⭐️

I tried to love this book.  I really did.  I couldn’t figure out why I did not enjoy a book that had been showered with so many awards – dozens of awards.

But I just didn’t feel the love.

I have been struggling with my book choices lately. An unfortunate streak of just so-so novels has kept me away from writing my Reading Wednesday blog.

Delicious Food popped up several times both in my Kindle recommendations and my Goodreads recommendations, based on other books I’ve read.  So I was sure I would like it.

This story of family, racism, betrayal, murder, addiction, kidnapping, mutilation and ultimately forgiveness and redemption, could not hold my attention – surprisingly.

It’s a lot of pain and tragedy to pack into one novel, and Hannaham’s use of the narrative of Eddie the son, Darlene the mother and a third character the “drug” is well done and a clever way to see the story from several angles.  Parts of the book were fascinating, but only parts and I found myself skimming.  A sure sign I’m struggling.

Delicious Food, only two stars for me.


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