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Sunrise Sunset – 41 Days The Camino

My Camino

Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.

We came prepared to withstand all weather and for our preparedness we were blessed by the sun.

Sunset from Acebo Day 29

The poncho has been out only twice in forty-one days and nights. The coat only during early morning chill. Our days have been golden and except for two, dry.

Sunrise in Ventosa Day 11

Our journey has taken us over mountains, across rivers, and through rolling plains and vineyards. Past ancient cathedrals and over roads and bridges traversed by thousands before us over the ages.

Sunrise Puente La Reina Day 5

Moon set leaving Viduedo Day 36

Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos sunrise Day 23

And the sun shone. We watched it rise in all its glory, brightening our path and showing us “the way”. We watched it set in a pink halo, kissing the earth at the end of another miraculous day.  And on one most incredible morning high on a mountain we watched the harvest moon set and the sun rise simultaneously. Glory hallelujah.

Sunset in Linares Day 34

Sunrise over Villafranca Day 33

Sunrise. Sunset. 41 days and nights on the Camino de Santiago. Our time is waning. The days are getting shorter. Fall is in full swing. It was summer when we started – now a different season as we make our way west, closer and closer to Santiago de Compostela. A handful more walks.  Our goal in sight.  Our walk of a lifetime – a memory to cherish.

Three days to go

Miles walked 447.  42 to go.

Buen Camino!



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