To the Camino!

Training body and soul for the Saint James Way

For the past month here in Bulgaria I have become very cognizant of everything that goes into my mouth.  I have been cutting back on so many things, including alcohol, as we step up our preparedness for our 500 mile Camino de Santiago hike.

Nine weeks till lift off.

We are training for this hike pretty much everyday with our 8-15 mile hikes 3-4 times a week, my 4 mile run 3 times a week as well as yoga daily.

Eating healthy

But I knew I needed to do more so I’ve upped the protein and veg and reduced the carbs and sugar  (all easier to do in Bulgaria than in the Seychelles) and drastically cut back on the alcohol.

Haven’t had a G&T since leaving the Seychelles.  And in this heat that isn’t easy.  We have had a little beer and some wine but only when we dine out.

Hiking several times a week.

Clearly this reduces calories and also saves money.  But mostly I am striving to be in my best possible condition nine weeks from now – both body and soul.  Because the most important thing is to avoid injury or sickness on the trail.  So starting out healthy is key. And being mentally and emotionally ready for the journey is important too.

Although I am not a particularly religious person, I’m excited for the spiritual journey that is the Camino de Santiago.  I read a lot about pilgrims on the Camino and everyone’s experience is different.  For me spirituality is staying present and grateful all while opening myself to new and sometimes a bit frightening experiences.  I can do it .

We purchased some scallop shells the other day to

Urban hiking in Old Town Sozopol

hang from our packs marking us as pilgrims.  This is tradition and says “Buen Camino” to others.  We expect to meet  and greet a lot of  pilgrims.  This too will be a new exercise for us, as we spend the majority of our days right now only with each other.  The Camino is a community in which we will participate for five or six weeks.

This too will take practice in the weeks ahead.

Camino ready!  Focused now and preparing for the challenge. Fab and Fearless.



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  • Reply Natalie

    9 weeks till you start a new, exciting & physical adventure! 7 weeks till I get a right knee replacement. Also an adventure. Good luck;I’m sure you’ll be very prepared for the hike. BTW, I really enjoy reading your posts;it’s a travel chapter book !

    June 28, 2017 at 5:32 pm
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