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500 Days of Summer

A Sunny Travel Life

Location: Lombok Indonesia

Today marks 500 days on the road – and our grand adventure living 500 days of summer.  Coming from the often grey and misty state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, 500 Days of Summer was the goal.

500 days of summer

Sunny Australia

When we started planning our grand adventure, we set an itinerary

500 days of summer

Sunny Tunisia

that kept us away from cold and rainy places.  And not just because we love the sun – but also because it’s easier to pack for these climates.

500 days of summer

Sunny Guam

And so it has gone along this way now, for 500 days.  Waking each morning and opening my eyes and saying “hey, it’s still summer.”  Nice.

Now we can’t say we haven’t seen some cool, even cold days.  We were in New Zealand as

500 days of summer

Sunny Morocco

summer turned to fall and we had some pretty chilly nights.  Even in North Vietnam the nights were cool and in Halong Bay the mist hung low and we never saw the sun. In Morocco the wind was brisk and our night in the Sahara Desert camp was downright nippy. Here in Indonesia, our time in the

500 days of summer

Sunny Maldives

mountains brought thankfully cooler temps, but certainly not cold.

500 days of aummer

Sunny Portugal

But mostly it’s been warm to hot to REALLY hot as we have navigated this summer life.  More than 16 months on the road and I’m on my third (and a half) swimsuit and needing a fourth.  I’m on my

500 days of summer

Sunny New Zealand

third sun hat, second pair of sunglasses, second set of beach towels  and second pair of flip-flops. I’m on my third selfie stick, my tenth bottle of sunscreen and my fifth water bottle – misplacing

500 days of summer

Sunny Bulgaria

four somewhere along the way. My sundresses are tired and faded from sun and sweat and constant washing.  I will retire all of these soon and go on a big shopping trip for fresh and new when

500 days of summer

Sunny India

we get back to the states.

500 days of summer

Sunny Namibia

Because after our visit to the USA (May 14-Aug 7),where we hope it will be summer, we head off on the next phase of the grand adventure, at least

500 days of summer

Sunny Spain

another 500 days of summer.

But until then, summer continues here in Indonesia.


500 days of summer

Sunny Seychelles

And life is sunny and fabulous!


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    Wow, your photos are incredible!

    April 13, 2018 at 12:51 pm
  • Reply Alex

    It’s been an amazing journey.

    September 28, 2018 at 7:04 am
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