Reading Wednesday

Book Review Florida by Lauren Groff

Reading Wednesday

Book Review Florida by Lauren Goff

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I picked this book up in an airport to read on the plane.  And I read almost the entire book on just one four-hour flight.

I had never heard of Lauren Groff but she has some full length novels.  This book however is a collection of short stories, all based in Florida or about Floridians.  Having recently spent a lot of time in Florida I found it really interesting, and Groff’s writing style poetic.  In fact since finishing this book I have read reviews of her other works, not all favorable.  But she seems to have a unique quality as a short story writer.  Each story creating engaging characters and sometimes gripping scenarios.  Stories of snakes and boys, abandonment and small girls, adults with issues, families in despair.

Florida is as unique and diverse as the state itself and I enjoyed this easy and beautifully written collection.

Four stars for Florida by Lauren Groff

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