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Book Review Hell of a Book – A Novel by Jason Mott

In it’s core this book is about being Black in America. The remarkable story is told through the eyes of a small child named Soot, an award winning author whose name we never learn and an imaginary child called The Kid. This is the story of being Black in America. Here is my book review Hell of a Book – A Novel by Jason Mott.

Beautifully written to capture the reader from the very first page. We follow what appears to be two different story lines about two different people; a small child much loved and protected by his parents and an author on a book tour of his popular new novel.

Both characters are black. Both are American. Where is this story going. Is it about a book? Or is it about a child?

Mott builds the plot as these two stories converge and the reader tries to keep them separate but finds it impossible to. We never completely know if they are separate stories or one? What we do know is this book eloquently and in a very unique way is a story about family, love and success. But then we see it’s also about the reckoning in America with Black Lives Matter, police shootings and tragedy.

Someone will die. Who?

Thank you for reading my Book Review Hell of a Book – A Novel by Jason Mott

****Four Stars for Hell of a Book – A Novel by Jason Mott

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