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Book Review Less is Lost by Andrew Sean Greer

A follow up story to the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Less, Andrew Sean Greer once again takes this lovable character out of his comfort zone and on an unexpected road trip. Here is my book review Less is Lost by Andrew Sean Greer.

Arthur Less, gay and moderately successful, finds his world turned upside down once again when his former lover dies and with the death come financial hardship. Less must earn some serious cash and seriously quick and so he takes on some literary gigs that send him road tripping around the USA.

Running from or into his problems it’s hard to tell with Less, as he packs up and leaves behind his current love Freddy, his reasonable sister and his ghost of a father. Less finds himself escorting a sickly author who doesn’t seem to know who Less is, then following theatrical troupe who are performing one of his works, all while regularly “zooming” online with a literary critique group. All because he needs money to save his home.

But along the way from New Mexico to the South then on to the mid-Atlantic, Less begins to find himself. With Pug Dolly in tow in the old camper van called Rosina, Less learns a lot about the world outside the small box he has hidden in for years. And in the process, he learns a lot about himself and the demons he faces.

Funny and profound Less is Lost shows the enigma of America through the eyes of this quirky character who like all of us, just wants to be loved.

Four stars for Less is Lost by Andrew Sean Greer.****

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