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Book Review Possession by A.S. Byatt

It was a bit strange to learn of the passing of A.S. Byatt while I had Possession in by to be read stack. I was sorry to learn of her passing, having never read anything by her. But this book Possession had shown up on a list of Booker Prize winners that I have been making my way through. Byatt won the Booker in 1990 for this remarkable story. Better late than never…I absolutely loved this story. Here is my Book Review Possession by A.S. Byatt.


We were on a road trip around Australia and this book, which is quit long, seemed like a good one to listen to as an audio book. My husband read this book more than thirty years ago, but he couldn’t remember the details so he was happy to hear the story again.


To be honest, this book is a bit difficult to describe…but here goes. The plot is about two scholars who are researching the lives of two poets of the Victorian era. The scholars, Roland and Maude, don’t know each other in the beginning of the book but will become intricately involved in all the imaginable ways as the story unfolds.

Roland is a scholar of R.H. Ash while Maude is a scholar of Cristabel LaMont. Roland suspects the two poets may have some kind of connection so he reaches out to Maude to further his research. Then old letters, journals, and poems begin to be uncovered and an entire new light is shone on the poets. It is a story of intrigue, love, sadness, secrecy and the difficulties of the Victorian era for women.

Maude and Roland want to protect their findings and protect and honor Ash and LaMont, but money talks and collectors, heirs and museums are at the ready to get their hands on what has been found.

Writing Style

The way Byatt tells this story is the best part of this novel. It is so much more than a straight-forward piece. Byatt’s talent is astonishing as she writes not only in novel format but in poetry, journals, correspondence, and mythical story telling – all both in past and present tense. Oh dear I just don’t think I am able to really describe how wonderfully written it is. Byatt was remarkable. This story will pull you in. I loved it.

The book is long but filled with lovely language, intrigue, love and a satisfying ending. It holds up even after 35 years. I hope you will give it a read. Thanks for reading my Book Review Possession by A.S. Byatt.

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