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The Last Summer – Entertaining as we say Farewell

As we wind down our time in our beautiful waterfront home we continue to take every opportunity to enjoy it and share it with people we know. We decided last spring, as part of our final summer at our beach house, to host a series of events through out the summer as a farewell gesture to Lund’s Beach. It was a great idea.


Rather than holding one big party, our smaller beach dinner parties have given us an opportunity to bring together a variety of friends and family, many who don’t know each other, but they all have one thing in common. Us.


As a hostess I prefer to entertain a group that is not so large as to make it difficult to mingle and talk to everyone. We have held several very large parties in the time we have lived here (our 25th wedding anniversary had 150 and a live band but I barely remember it because it was big and a lot of work)  all been fun, but not intimate.


Our summer functions this year are anywhere from 8-24 people and I find that just the right size.


My preference when entertaining is to have a sit down dinner, when possible. It’s not always possible, but it is always more intimate and a lovely way to linger and enjoy. When I do a sit down dinner I always do place cards. This way I can sit people next to each other who don’t know each other. Otherwise, everyone would huddle with those they know and are comfortable with and it would defeat my goal – gathering and enjoying and expanding friendships.


So far this summer we have held four events with another one happening tomorrow. I expect to hold at least 2 and possible three more before the weather grows cool and the last summer is just a memory.

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