Day Three – Birds of a Feather

    Kellogg to Wallace to Harrison - 62.3 miles


    We felt we could make today’s ride a bit more difficult, after two fairly easy days so we left Kellogg this morning and headed east to Wallace. By doing so we added twenty miles to today’s total. It was a beautiful ride even though we paralleled I-90, we had the Coeur d’ Alene river between us and the freeway. The gradual incline was refreshing and cool as we noticed a change in the evergreens from pines to firs and cedar.

    We turned around at the historic silver mining town of Wallace and retraced our path all the back to Harrison. It was a glorious day with sunshine and blue skies.

    If you ever want to experience true peace and quiet, come here. For miles and miles the only noise was the turning of our wheels. And the birds.

    My husband and I are sort of “novice” bird watchers. When our kids were little we had “pocket” bird guides for places we lived and traveled. We spent a lot of time marking off birds in these books when we saw them. After many years we are pretty imagegood at identifying lots of birds by sight and song.

    Today was an awesome day to be a “novice” bird watcher. No binoculars needed. We kept track of all we saw in Mother Nature’s aviary. Our list (if we can remember them all) is extensive: eagle, osprey, pelican, kingfisher, Canadian geese, ducks, loons, doves, sparrow, hawk, magpie, robin, swallow, finch, hummingbird, raven, quail (including little babies the size of my thumb) and herons.

    And to finish off a great day, our bed and breakfast tonight in Harrison is called the Osprey Inn. Just perfect.

    Watching the hummingbirds in the porch swing at The Osprey Inn.

    Watching the hummingbirds in the porch swing at The Osprey Inn.

    Tomorrow we have a pretty easy 25 mile day although it includes some hills!

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    Day Two

    40 miles Harrison to Kellogg


    A much, much cooler day today. The forecast looked threatening for afternoon so we were on the bikes by 8am headed to Kellogg.  Good thing too  because unbeknownst to us a huge thunder and lightening storm passed through Harrison and the trail long after we were gone.

    I love this section of the trail that winds along the river, through marshlands and farmlands before beginning a very gradual incline into the pine forested foothills.

    Early start

    Early start

    We were in Kellogg before noon, and luckily our condo was ready for check-in. A very beautiful room at the Morning Star Lodge at Silver Mountain.

    The room we had originally booked was unavailable and they upgraded us. The lodge has an indoor water park, so we thought what the heck! Let’s give it a try. It was fun, but I can’t take too much of those tubes!  Fast and furious!  We soaked in the hot tub too before heading back to the room for a quick shower.

    Honestly in hindsight  we should have rode further today, perhaps on to Wallace or beyond  because we feel our rides have been too easy.  Oh but this location is pretty sweet.

    The Morning Star Lodge is also the base for the mountain gondola which you get on right at the lodge. Again we said why not?  So despite a cloudy and drizzly afternoon (and the fact we really don’t have the proper clothing) up the mountain we went!

    On the gondola

    On the gondola

    The three and half mile gondola ride was great and it really was not cold at the top so we wandered around and enjoyed the views and brews before heading back down for a quiet evening.

    Tomorrow we turn around and head back to Harrison.  Weather is supposed to be good!  Go. Be. Fabulous!

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    Day One

    Twenty Miles to Harrison Idaho


    It was an easy first day from Plummer Idaho to Harrison. A beautiful ride too with sunshine reflecting off the lake and miles and miles of blue skies.

    We checked into the very cute and affordable imageLakeview Lodge before renting two kayaks and heading out to enjoy the lake. We are on the southern end of the lake, which is somewhat marshy so we took the kayaks into the marsh. It was awesome.



    We saw a moose!  I had proclaimed before we left that my goal was to see a moose sometime this week. And sure enough on day one!

    Harrison is a tiny little town, very cute, right on the bike trail and right on the lake. A good first day. image

    Tomorrow we head to Kellogg.

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    Speak’n About Stehekin


    For years I have worked my way throughout my home state of Washington with an eye on visiting all the iconic places she offers.

    Places like Snoqualmie Falls (higher than Niagra – yep really), Dry Falls (5 times the width of Niagra and was once the greatest water fall ever – 20,000 years ago), Mount Rainier (highest peak in WA and 4th highest in the lower 48), Hells Canyon (deeper than Grand Canyon – yep really) and many more.image

    But Stehekin – the iconic, hidden and elusive town on Lake Chelan in the remote North Cascades had eluded me for years.

    Until today. I finally made it there and now I must go back.

    We took the Lady of the Lake Express from the city of Chelan. The boat takes two and a half hours to imageplow the 50 miles up lake to Stehekin. We chose to take the slower Lady Too back so we could have three hours in  Stehekin. That boat takes four hours. So we spent seven and a half hours on the boat and only had three hours on shore. Definitely not enough.

    I must go back for a week.

    We had lunch at the North Cascades Lodge before doing a two hour hike along the lake.  The time was gone so fast.  We didn’t visit Rainbow Falls, or theimage famous bakery. We didn’t hike the mountains or go out in kayak.  We didn’t go fishing or rent bikes.  Three hours is not enough to experience this hidden jewel  of the great state of Washington.

    Next time I’ll rent a cabin and enjoy the quiet – no cell or Internet service.  No roads.  No crowds. Just imagenature.  Fabulous!


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    Fifty-Six and Fabulous

    Finished my 15th Triathlon today


    I’ve told this story before, so forgive me for repeating myself.

    It all started about seven years ago when my friend Karen talked me into doing a triathlon. I scoffed at the suggestion – I was overweight and not exactly an athlete. But then decided why not give it a try.

    It’s that decision that changed my life. I had never run in my life. I had never swam in my life. I had never cycled in my life.

    Today I can’t imagine My Fab Fifties Life without

    Proudly displaying my Fabulous 56

    Proudly displaying my Fabulous 56

    these activities.   It opened my eyes to my own personal potential and I never looked back.

    This morning we had fun doing the ChelanMan triathlon for the fifth time.   It’s definitely my favorite one available in my state – even though we had a cloudy rainy day The location, the weather (usually) and the route as well as the organization are always top-notch.  That is a big factor in enjoying any event.

    I rarely look at my time on these events because for me that’s not the point. I cycle and run a lot so I’m

    Crossing the finish line today.

    Crossing the finish line today.

    confident in these disciplines but the swimming is always a struggle for me. I just do my best in the swim and try to make up for lost time on the bike.

    I love the bike and the run parts of the Tri.  I feel proud and fulfilled.  It’s a high every time.  I know I’m not the fastest or the fittest.  But I am the most fabulous!  Because I am pushing my 56 -year- old body to be healthy, happy and most importantly, in the moment.  And to love everyday


    My first ChelanMan 2011

    When you do a triathlon, they always mark your leg and arm with your age, because they categorize all participants by age. The older I have gotten  the prouder I am to display that big number on my calf and arm. I am 56 and fabulous.

    Are you inspired to try something you thought you could never do? It doesn’t need to be a triathlon, but something maybe you have always been afraid of or admired from afar.   Are you ready to peel away the negative layers and go – be – fabulous?

    Join me!

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    And Away We Go

    Chapter Two on Two Wheels

    Last summer's ChelanMan at Lake Chelan WA

    After a week back at “home” (my mother-in-laws guest room) we are off again on Chapter Two of the Grand Adventure.  This time it’s on two wheels (well mostly).

    We are headed to Eastern Washington to beautiful Lake Chelan for the next five days to enjoy the sun, the lake and to participate for the fifth year in a row in the ChelanMan Triathlon.

    Unfortunately, I have not trained for this Tri as well as I have for past years, but I’m not too worried.  The half mile swim will be the hardest, but the 5K run and 12 mile cycle shouldn’t be a problem.  And since I am never trying to beat any time (just make it across the finish line) there is no pressure.  We do this for fun.  Not for bragging rights.

    After our time in Chelan we head to Spokane where we will begin a 250 mile bike ride.  Ever since the ride I did last summer across Washington State (425mi) I have wanted to do a similar ride, but unsupported and with my husband.  So we have mapped out a ride that will take us from Spokane to Kellogg Idaho, then to Pullman WA and back to Spokane.  We are in hotels or B&B’s the whole way so no sleeping bags or tents needed!

    I am excited to cycle in this beautiful region and look forward to sharing this part of our adventure with you along the way.  So watch for more posts soon as we embark on Chapter Two – on Two Wheels!

    Go. Be. Fabulous!!!

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    And All the Rest

    No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed


    Last night I dreamt  there were monkeys in my bed.  They weren’t actually jumping, just cuddling.  In my dream I couldn’t roll over for fear of squashing a monkey.

    So you dream analyzers  what say you?

    My theory is this – I’m trying to learn to sleep soundly in unfamiliar beds.  And I’m not having a lot of success.

    Since the first week of April I have slept in nine different beds.  Nine.  Currently the bed we are sleeping in is a double and very soft and has an indent in the center that we both seem to gravitate to in the night….I seem to find myself trying to hang on to the edge of the bed and stay on my side. And this probably why I’m dreaming about squishing monkeys.  Or not??

    Over the next several years there is gonna be lots of beds – certainly some more comfortable than others.  I will sleep well sometimes, and not others.  And it is just part of the adventure.

    So you damn monkey, scoot over.  I need a good nights sleep.