Farewell 2020

A Look Back at a Year We’d Like to Forget

Location: USA

Farewell 2020

You will not be missed

You made me stop traveling

For which I’m still pissed


That dread Covid virus 

I knew from the start

Was going to be an issue

If we didn’t act smart


But to our defense

There was so much we didn’t know

That damn corona virus

Just grew out of control


We continued to travel 

About six weeks more til we found

Ourselves locked down on Cyprus

And we were house bound


Seven weeks later

With no virus end in sight

We boarded the first airplane

For a US bound flight


Safe back in the states

We wait for the day

That we could resume the Grand Adventure

And go out to play


Meanwhile we remodeled

Lost weight and did our run

Learning to play golf 

At least made the summer fun


And then we made it to Hawaii

Maui is the best

Nine weeks on the island 

Helped with the stress


A look back at 2020

And all that we know 

Who would have ever imagined

A pandemic could stop the show?


If I’m realistic

The calendar can’t change

The danger of the virus 

In 2021 it remains


Vaccine might allow us

To begin our life anew

But so many deaths

Way more than a few


So 2021 we are optimistic

But we’ve learned we can’t know

What’s in store for the planet

Good health or another blow?


Can we say happy new year

Or should we continue to pout

Will 2021 be bountiful

When 2020 is finally out?



God Speed my friends. Here’s to an optimistic New Year. 

Thanks for your continued support! I’ll be back next week with a new Travel Blog.

Farewell 2020! Happy New Year!!! Be safe, be smart, be patient.

We are still trying to figure out where we go from here…hopefully somewhere sunny for a few months.

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